What is market13?

market13 is a free digital marketplace that allows budding entrepreneurs of all ages to easily setup their own Shopify store, gain knowledge and support in doing so and learn the how to sell their products online.  We want to make sure that local businesses can have the tools they need to run their online business in the future. If there is anything our vendors are unsure about during their small business journey, we are here to help. 

Spotlight on Youth

The store, its marketing, and overall management is 100% run by youth as part of our focus to offer peer support, gain knowledge and support from our target demographic and offer real and paid work experiences to the youth we are working with.  

The story behind market13

Supporting the Ottawa small business community


Small business journey

We are here to help and support your business

Our programs and services

We also provide support and workshops to our vendors. We show vendors what their page looks like through Shopify, teaching them how to run a virtual platform. We run monthly webinars and workshops to teach our vendors how to use Shopify and the digital mainstream program.