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Frequently asked questions

What is market13?

market13 is a free digital marketplace that allows budding entrepreneurs to easily setup their own Shopify store, gain knowledge and support in doing so and learn the how to sell their products online.  We want to make sure that local businesses can have the tools they need to run their online business in the future. If there is anything our vendors are unsure about during their small business journey, we are here to help. 

How does market13 support small businesses?

We make sure we can get local businesses online, so they have the tools to run their online business in the future. We aim to encourage buyers to shop local and sustainably, introduce local businesses to buyers who may have not heard of them. 

What is the difference between incubator13 and market13?

market13 is a project offered by created under incubator13, an accessible entrepreneurship and employment skills hub run by the Rideau-Rockcliffe Community Resource Centre.  

incubator13 offers a variety of programs that support entrepreneurs, small businesses and individuals who would like to start their own business and gain employment skills.  

The incubator13 space is also great for co-working, training and provides a unique event location for the Ottawa community. The market13 website works hand in hand with Iincubator13 staff to encourage our community to shop locally online.