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Local Box of Goodies
Local Box of Goodies
Local Box of Goodies
Local Box of Goodies
Local Box of Goodies
Local Box of Goodies
Local Box of Goodies
Local Box of Goodies

Local Box of Goodies


market13's first official box of goodies is here!

Four local businesses have come together to showcase their best seller!

1 box, 4 products, 1 great price. 

A great gift for Valentine's Day, this unique and thoughtful gift is perfect for your special one. Share some love this Valentine's Day by helping your small business community.

Supporting local has never been more important, we thank you for being a conscious consumer. Thank you for supporting Ottawa's small businesses.


What's in the box?

1. Fritz and Fancy's most popular velveteen scrunchie, in a beautiful shade of dusty rose! Treat your hair with the softest of soft and style your hair with a high quality, handmade hair accessory.

2. Social Harvest Ottawa presents Micro-Harvest is a fun, easy-to-use microgreen growing kit. It contains all you need to grow indoors all year round in an eco-friendly and sustainable way. Microgreens are packed with nutrients and flavour – a great way to enrich your diet!

Your kit comes with:

  • 1 rounded Kraft container
  • 2 pucks of coco coir
  • 2 seed envelopes (10g) 
  • 1 instruction booklet EN/FR

3. Little Sweet Peach presents Matcha Donut Bath Bomb! A popular choice for a bath soak, matcha (green tea) can help reduce muscle pain. It's also soothing and softening for the skin, helping to relieve redness. It is loaded with antioxidants, a green tea soak can also have wonderful anti-aging effects, helping your skin to recover from environmental irritants. Loaded with fair trade, organic virgin coconut oil to moisturize your winter skin! Made with 100% natural ingredients. Handmade. Beer & Honey Soap is in an adorable ‘cinnamon roll’ shape. This snack soap is made with 90% natural ingredients. Guilt free body desserts!

4. Chris's Ice Cream A redeemable couple for 2 containers of Chris's Ice Cream.  Can be used online or in person to choose from any of the flavours they would like, choose from the delicious cream based ice creams, the dairy-free frozen desserts, or keto options.  Fun and delicious flavours ranging for all tastes and preferences. Located in Byward Market.

In collaboration with Good Choice Initiative.

Good Choice Initiative is an online sustainability hub that encourages people in the Ottawa area, including Gatineau and the Ottawa Valley, to live sustainably.

We help you find local like-minded businesses and makers that uphold the social and environmental values that matter to you. 


Thank you for shopping and supporting Ottawa's small businesses.